Mobilisation for the European Network of Territorial Intelligence (ENTI)

europe-sateliteAfter the successful caENTI dissemination seminar in Brussels, on last April 16th, the month of May will be dedicated to the constitution of the European Network of Territorial Intelligence (ENTI). This dissemination seminar was a milestone between the caENTI and the preparation of a project in the framework of the 7th European research and dissemination program of the European Union. M. RIZZO, our scientific officer, closed the seminar with a presentation containing many advices in that direction.

caENTI ended on February, 28th 2009. Final reports were delivered during the seminar, meeting deadlines. The next call for project proposals will probably be lauched in September, with a deadline for submission in January.

A project of such importance has to be prepared in advance.

We are now mobilizing partners and collecting useful information to draw up the project: contact information and main activities of the organisms, researchers and territorial actors, CVs and bibliographies, activities planned for the project, participation to other projects… All these information are often lacking at the last moment. caENTI members and all organisms/people that expressed the will to get involved in the network will be contacted by email in May to fill in forms allowing collecting their participation agreement and relevant information. You can also ask for a form at the following email address: Please indicate “participation enti” in your email subject field.

To ensure caENTI actions continuity, we have started a prefiguration action of a network of excellence in territorial intelligence, or anyway of aworldwide project.

Three research activities are presently planned:

  1. Making a multi-disciplinary synthesis of territory sciences
  2. Developing territorial information and disseminating territorial observation and spatial analysis methods, especially towards vulnerable people and territories
  3. Improving the contribution of territorial information systems to an equitable governance and sustainable development, through a better integration in the territorial decision-making process

We are waiting for your remarks and suggestions on this proposal.

Three dissemination activities are in preparation and will soon be launched: the Journal of Territorial Intelligence, the European Master of Territorial Intelligence and the worldwide website They will increase the portal of territorial intelligence and the annual international conference of territorial intelligence visibility.

The next international conference of territorial intelligence, Territorial Intelligence and culture of development will take place in Salerno (Italy), from 4th to 6th November 2009. It adresses themes corresponding to the research program axes. The day of Wednesday 4th will be consecrated to the project detailed organisation and planning.

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