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(organised with the Coordination Action of the European Network of Territorial Intelligence. VI Framework-Programme- of Research and Technological Development of the European Union).

Huelva (Spain), October, 25th and 26th 2007.

Delay of communications presentation widened until June, the 30th 2007.

We keep working on the preparation of the Second Annual International Conference of Territorial Intelligence. A meeting, which background issue is the creation of a new alliance science-society that develops the collaboration between the knowledge organizations and all the system of territorial actors, to promote territorial intelligence and, with it, the governance of the issues that are linked to social cohesion and territories sustainable development.

The conference will take place on October, the 25th and 26th 2007, but the CAENTI members will be convoked on October, the 24th to internally work in the different constituted scientific coordination groups. Besides, the organization organises for the participants a guided trip to the Rio Tinto mines in the Huelva province on October, the 27th.

On the morning, there will be two conferences which will be presented by two experts who have an international scientific fame:

  • Dr. Carlos Berzosa, Professor of Economical Structure, Rector of the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, who will intervene on the theme “The challenge of global governance”.
  • Dr. Tomás Rodríguez Villasante, Titular Professor of Sociology of the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, who will intervene on the theme “Participative research-action and governance”.

On the afternoon, the communications on the results of the different working groups of the CAENTI project will be presented and debated and a proposal of Quality letter of the participative research-action applied to sustainable development and socially cohesive will be submitted to deliberation and discussion.

On the 26, the communications and posters will be presented and debated within workshops.

We remember you that the thematic fields planned for the communications or posters are the following ones:

  • A. Participative research-action applied to territorial sustainable development.
  • B. Methods and tools of participative research-action applied to territorial sustainable development.
  • C. Analysis of Experiences of the Participative Research-Action applied to diagnosis, plannification, management and evaluation of territorial projects.

The posters can consist in the description of experiences, whereas in the communications the analytical approaches that reflect a genuine collaboration between researchers and territorial actors of social, economic and environmental development will be privileged. The selected communications will take part in a new selection process so as to be included in the first volume of the international review of territorial intelligence, created by a consortium of European universities.

So as to facilitate the debates and to promote participation, a English-Spanish and French-Spanish translation is planned in the plenary sessions and in some workshops, especially the most focused on the practical issues linked to territorial intelligence development that concern the actors the most.

It will be a pleasure to meet you in Huelva in Octobre 2007!

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