GdRI INTI International Seminar IT-GO Rosko 2014

GdRI INTI International Seminar


This seminar responds to a double preoccupation :

  1.  Occuring during the GdRI last year, it aims to validate 2015-2020 INTI « International Network of Territorial Intelligence » research program in the frame of international and european challenges at horizon 2020. This program has been already prepared during the previous INTI network seminars and conferences.
  2. To pursue research working about links between territorial intelligence concepts, socio-ecological transition and territorial resilience though a common reflexion about the ” scales of resilience ” related thematics.

Lieu: Roscoff Biological Station Conference Center (UMR 7144 CNRS-UPMC), 29680 Roscoff (Finistère).
Date: Mai 22th/23 th, 2014.
Duration: 2 days
Information: Rosko2014 140107 call for communication En

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INTI (2015, 20 mars). GdRI INTI International Seminar IT-GO Rosko 2014. Territorial Intelligence. Consulté le 27 février 2024, à l’adresse

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