Master IT-ISA

Master IT-ISA (Territorial Intelligence – Space Information and Planning)

The master IT-ISA (University of Franche-Comté) offers the possibility to train people specialized in “professions dealing with territory issues” and who have a dual competence in geographic information and planning. The objective is to gain the abilities necessary to:

  • Understand the territories by studying them and analyzing space data;
  • Foresee the territories evolution by carrying out scenarios and by implementing simulation models;
  • Act for the planning and the development of these territories.

Master-ITISAThe master IT-ISA (subject to ministerial authorization) gives a new lease of life to the IUP (a Professional High Education Institute) “territories and environment engineering”, and the following masters: “territorial intelligence”, “space structures and dynamics” and “knowledge and management of the regional heritage”.

The training lasts two years and deals with planning methods and thematic:

  • The geographic information methods: SIG (Geographic Information System), territorial observatories, modelling, simulation;
  • Thematic: planning, town planning, landscapes, regional heritage.

This training includes the development of adaptability and communication abilities, with a training to make studies execution and restitution.

The master IT-ISA is intended for students who hold a degree in geography and can be opened for students who come from other branches of the SHS subjects (Humanities and Social Sciences) but also from other courses: for example, AES grade (Economic and Social Administration) of the DEG subjects (Law, Economics and Management), SVT subjects (Life and Earth Science)…

This master leads to the professional life or to research (possibilities to carry one one’s studies with the doctorate).

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