European Master of Migration, Conflict and Social Cohesion in the global society


Migration, Conflict and Social Cohesion in the global society its an official master included in the International and Intercultural study program of University of Deusto (Sp).

The training plan provides the methodological and conceptual tools needed to understand and analyze the various problems, perspectives ranging from classic to contemporary.

The Master curriculum that includes two complete theoretical and practical training: A Master’s Research or Master Pro.

In one of them, the professional dimension will provide students the tools to deepen their knowledge of international migration phenomenon,
the refuge and the new inter-community and cross-cultural, as well as how to acquire the theoretical and practical skills to help develop the program on social integration,
interculturalism and awareness of the indigenous population against racism, xenophobia or work reintegration.

In the other, we will aim to develop in-depth research on topics related to the program. It is oriented toward a doctorate in the future program of international and intercultural studies.

Satellite_mediumStudents enrolled in the program may participate in two international thematic networks, sponsored by the European Commission

Humanitariannet, Thematic Network for the development of studies on issues of humanitarian aid


The European Network of Excellence on International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion in Europe (IMISCOE)

The purpose of these networks is to promote ongoing discussions between researchers in different European countries that lead to the development, publication and dissemination of joint research projects and developing a critical mass of young European researchers with training and resources to meet the new policy, social, economic, legal and cultural twenty-first century.

Master Migraciones 2008 PaP PR4

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