Salerno2015 Programma

Wednesday May 27 th

13:00 Participants’ arrival
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Opening of the Conference – Thinking over Europe

Aurelio Tommasetti : Rector of the University of Salerno

Maria Carmela : Agodi Università di Napoli “Federico II”, Direttivo AIS e ESA.

Natale Ammaturo : Director of the Department of Humanities, Philosophy and Education, University of Salerno.

Carlo Mongardini : University of Rome “Sapienza”.

I Session:

Europe and democracy

Chairperson: Carlo Mongardini
University of Rome “Sapienza”

15:30 Hans Vorländer University of Dresden
Crisis, Decline or Metamorphosis? Coming to terms with democracy in Europe

16:00 Karl-Siegbert Rehberg, University of Dresden
L’integrazione europea e la transnazionalità dei nuovi nazionalismi? L’esempio tedesco di PEGIDA

16:30 Coffee break

17:00 First Round-Table: Europe on trial

Chairperson: Joan Subirats
University of Barcelona


  • José Luis Garcia (Univ. Lisboa) – Peter Gerlich (Univ. Vienna)
  • Salvador Giner (Univ. Barcelona) – Johannes Weiss (Univ. Kassel)

19:30 Scheduled Speeches and Interventions:

Thursday May 28th

II Session:

The Europe of the economists
Chairperson: Hans Vorländer
University of Dresden

9:00 Marcello D’Amato, University of Salerno L’euro e la crisi: strategie di uscita

9:30 Gustavo Piga, University of Rome “Tor Vergata” Come fare un’Unione degli Stati dell’Unione Europea

10:00 Umberto Triulzi University of Rome “Sapienza” The ECB growing influence in the construction of the European Political Union

10:30 Coffee break

III Session:

The Future of Europe
Chairperson: Natale Ammaturo, University of Salerno

11:00 Joan Subirats, Universiy of Barcelona: What future for the European Social Model ?

11:30 Patrik Tacussel, University of Montpellier: L’idea federale e il progetto europeo

12:00 Hans-Peter Müller, Humboldt University of Berlin: Europe and the Euro: Dismantling the European Society?
12:30 Scheduled Speeches and Interventions: Romina Gurashi (Univ. Rome “Sapienza”)Peter Acs (Univ. Pecs)

13:30 Lunch

IV Session:

The Europe of territoriality and localism
Chairperson: Tullia Saccheri, University of Salerno

15:00 Serge Ormaux, University of Franche-Comté: La spécialisation intelligence, vue par l’intelligence territoriale.

15:30 Cyril Masselot, University of Bourgogne Co-construct territorial cultures.

16:00 Philippe Woloszyn, CNRS-ESO, Rennes Vulnerability issues in Europe.

16:30 Coffee break

17:00 Second Round Table: European territories and territorial intelligences

Chairperson: Serge Ormaux, University of Franche-Comté


Domenico Secondulfo (Univ. Verona)Guénael Devillet (Univ. Liège)Csilla Filo (Univ. Pecs)Jean-Jacques Girardot (Univ. Franche-Comté)

18:30 Scheduled Speeches and Interventions
21:30 Informal meeting on the possible cultural initiatives after the “European Amalfi Meetings”

Friday May 29th
8:00 Departure for Amalfi

V Session:

The Europe of Politics
Chairperson: Salvador Giner, University of Barcelona

9:30 Maurizio Bach, University of Passau: Paradoxical Europe: The Eurozone Crisis and the Unanticipated Consequences of Integration.

10:00 Alessandro Cavalli, Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei:
From democratic deficit to legitimacy crisis.

10:30 Carlo Mongardini, University of Rome “Sapienza”: Il futuro della democrazia.

11:00 Coffee break

VI Session:

Third Round Table: Social and political problems of today’s Europe:
The vision of the new generations

Chairperson: Paolo De Nardis, University of Rome Sapienza

Roberta Iannone (Univ. Roma “Sapienza”)Emanuele Rossi (Univ. Roma Tre)Tito Marci (Univ. Roma “Sapienza)Scheduled Speeches: Gabriele Natalizia (Link Campus University)

13:00 Concluding Interventions on the V and VI Session

14:00 Lunch

16:00 Visit to the historical center of Amalfi

20:00 Dinner on theAmalfi Coast

Saturday May 30th

8:00 Participants’ Departure

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