BesançonDijon2013 12e INTI Conference «Territorial Intelligence, Socio-Ecological Transition and Resilience of the Territories »
International Conference of Territorial Intelligence

“Territorial Intelligence, Socio-Ecological Transition
and Resilience of the Territories”

30-31 May 2013, Besançon (UFR SLHS, MSHE), Dijon (MSHD)


Since the First Oil Shock, crises have compelled us to rethink the mechanisms of globalization. In 2009, the European Commission forecast report “The World in 2025” underlined socio-ecological transition as a major concept to face recent societal issues: increase of social and territorial inequalities, exhaustion of natural resources, climate changes. In 2008, Rob Hopkins introduced the notion of territorial resilience with his “Transition Handbook. From oil dependence to local resilience”, intended to help territorial communities to recover a development capacity against external shocks.

The International Network of Territorial Intelligence (INTI) has proposed, since 2010, to establish a prospective for jobs in Europe compatible with the combination of economic, social, cultural and environmental objectives of sustainable development, since 2011, a new development model driven by well being and, since 2012, the forward-looking of a lateral governance (LinkCity, 2012).

Since 2011, the International Scientific Coordination Network GDRI has also suggested research on new paths of development at the local level via a socio-ecological transition agenda, driven by well being for each and every one.

Four invited lectures will be given on two days (see folowing programme) by:

  • Santiago Reyna, Professor of Environmental and Systems Engineering, University of Cordoba (Argentine), FUNAM Environment Defense Foundation (FUNAM is a consultative member of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations),
  • Gérard Magnin, Executive Director of the European association Energy Cities,
  • Serge Ormaux, Professor of geography, University of Franche-Comté,
  • Didier Chateau, Regional Director of the Agency for Environment and Energy in Burgundy.These lectures will introduce workshops on:• Concepts and initiatives about energy and socio-ecological transition. How defining socio-ecological transition agendas towards sustainable development, combining social, ecological, cultural and economical goals, including diversity and interscalarity of territories? How can territorial observation can be used to further programming of theses agendas in a participatoty framwork?
    • Resilience of territories. How developing an integrated analysis of resilient territories, emphasizing risks and opportunities? Which are the relevant resilience indicators? How combining them with modes of governance and particularly with lateral governance?
    Invited lectures will be 40 minutes followed by 40 minutes of discussion.
    Each workshop is limited to three communications of 20 minutes, in order to let 45 minutes for debates.

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