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Indications for the title page: (SEE example afterwards)

In top of page and centred: the title of the article in ROMANCE TIMES NEW, Size 14
Below: the name, the status and possibly reference of the author (Size 12)
Summary: from 4 to 5 lines in english (Size 12)
Key words: 6 words maximum in english (Size 12)
Summary in national language (or summario, o abstract) : from 4 to 5 lines (Size 12)
Key words in national language: (or palabres, o parole chiave): 6 words maximum (Size 12)

Indications for the paper (SEE example afterwards)

The paper contains up to 30.000 characters, spacing included
Fonts: Times New Romance – Size: 10
Format: two columns
Simple spacing
Jump of a simple spacing between each paragraph
No withdrawal at the beginning of paragraph
Page-setting: margins left, right-hand side, high and low: 2,5 cm
No heading
Numbering of pages: down to right

Principal titles in the text: CAPITAL LETTERS and FAT (Size 10)
Secondary titles in the text: tiny and fatty (Size 10) (SEE example afterwards)
Quotations in the text: in italic or between quotation marks
Titling of the tables and figures in sequence
The footnotes are reserved for additional comments
Tables of the titles, tables and figures can appear at the end of the article

Bibliographical references will be integrated in the text [Name (Year)] according to usual conventions (SEE MODEL afterwards) thus not of bibliographical notes at the foot of the page.
The bibliography will be deferred at the end of the article alphabetically.

(EN) sample stylesheet – Published Article INTI

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