The University of Pécs organizes the SROP 4.2.2.C-11/1 / KONV / 2012-0005 ‘Well-being in the Information Society “international conference on 13-14 November 2014, which cordially invites the interested.

The information society theme of the past two decades, appreciated all over the world. The European Union is a political declaration and a number of economic development projects, research has been conducted and scientific publications have appeared, while increasingly felt in our daily lives that we live in an information society. The information society is a very wide-ranging and diverse at the same time in the information and communication technology revolution, which replaced the industrial (industrial) society, a change of era, but part of the Internet world. In conclusion, we can say that the new era that can be felt in all subsystems of society.

The conference invites the higher education institutions and researchers, government and business representatives, colleagues interested in the topic experts. Possible the theoretical and the practical usefulness of each side to present their research areas and science in the context of each section.

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